Lord Infamous Interview by Scott Bejda
Continued from Murder Dog volume 15 #1

Do you think you will ever be in Three 6 Mafia again?

Iím always Three 6 Mafia. I am one of the founders of the group. I am the one that came up with the name "Triple Six Mafia"; a lot of people may not know that. I created that name. Me and Paul grew together and one of the first places we ever did a song was in church. A lot of people might not believe that either.

How old were you? Were you nervous?

I was only like ten years old. We was nervous as hell. We did "Amazing Grace". Paul was on the keyboard and I sung. That is insane because later in life we ended up calling ourselves "Triple Six." You got the exclusive on that!

Did you used to listen to Esham? I see some similarities in your subject matter.

Me and Paul were both big fans of Esham. I remember back when all of them fires were hitting Detroit. Esham was into the dark art. I wonder what happened to that cat?

Esham is about to release a new album called "Sacrificial Lambs."

Esham has been putting it down for a long ass time. I was a real big Ganksta Nip fan too. When we started we were called The Serial Killers and we did a show with Ganksta Nip in Club Obsession. We were still in high school.

Thatís crazy. What else was going on in Memphis at that time?

After I got kicked out of high school I was hanging out in North Memphis and I started hearing about this cat. I had a girlfriend at that time and she lived in Hertz Village and she would always tell me about these cats named Skinny Pimp And 211. One day I was playing basketball with 211 and I didnít even know he was 211. One day I was riding the bus and I met Crunchy Black and that was before I knew he was Crunchy Black. I didnít know he was this cat that everybody was talking about at the skating rink. He was juking his ass off and everybody knew about it. I sat behind him on the bus and we got to talking. We were both in blue dickies and chuck tailors because back then we were into the LA culture. I told him I got a brother named DJ Paul and he was making these mixtapes. Crunchy had already met Paul one time and we didnít even know it. Thatís how we hooked up with him. I met Skinny in North Memphis and Skinny hooked us up with Juicy J. Then Paul met Juicy and he started coming out to the house.

How did you meet Koopsta Knicca?

Koop is from Texas. He came out here after his mother and father passed away. He was an orphan. Crunchy was an orphan too but he would stay with his auntie and in and out of detention homes.

How did Gangsta Boo get into the picture?

Paul met Boo from high school. Everyone was telling us about this girl who could rap real well. Boo was like a tomboy back then. That is how all of us came together.

When did Scan Man and MC Mack join up?

Scan Man was Koopstaís friend and so was MC Mack. Project Pat was in prison at that time and his first time was a robbery charge. When he got out he started rapping with us. Pat started jumping on Juicy Jís mixtapes, and then he brought out "Murderers, Robbers". He recorded some of those songs at my house in South Memphis. That was back in 1991-92

Just like I say about the Hot Boys, I would love to see all of you get back together and do something again. It that possible?

That would be so difficult for that to happen. We have all grown so far apart over the years.

Youíre giving us a good history lesson today! What were some of the first tapes that you put out way back in the day?

I did "Come with Me To Hell Part One and Two" with DJ Paul back in 1991. I also had the Lord Infamous solo album where I had the song called "Licking My Nuts". On that album I also had the song called "South Memphis" and it was a big underground hit. I did another album called "Portrait Of A Serial Killer"; that was our very first DJ Paul and Lord Infamous album. Then we did another Serial Killer tape. All of the OG Three 6 fans will know it by the picture that we took in front of this red 6-4. When we got all the way up to volume sixteen we were ready to do "Mystic Stylez". We knew it was a good record but it took way off and sold 100,000 in the first month. That was when all of us were together. It had Gangsta Blac, Skinny, Killa Klan Kaze, K-Rock, Project Pat, and all of us. We recorded the album in like two months. It just took off. By now "Mystic Stylez" should be like a platinum record because we re-released it and we did a Screw version. After that we did the EP "Live By Yo Rep" and then came "The End Chapter One" and "Chapter Two: World Domination".

How does it feel to have your own solo album out after all of these years?

It feels real good. A lot of people have been waiting on this. People canít believe that it turned out so well because I have been gone for so long. Iím real proud of this. Believe it or not it has been about three or four years since I touched a pen. I didnít write anything until I started working on the album. I picked the pen up and everything flowed! I just wanted to give my fans that old Lord Infamous.

My favorite tracks are "You Donít Want None", and "Iím Wit It". You had some excellent production on there too.

I did some composing this time. A lot of times I would help Paul and J compose tracks. The album was produced by Enigma, D.J. Sounds, St. Kittz, Jae Bino, and Quota. This album has worldwide potential. This album lit a fire for me because I had a point to prove. A lot of people thought that I couldnít do it without Paul and J and Three 6. I had to show them that I am Three 6.

You had one line where you said "Even though Iím not with the Six talking bad on my brother will get you impaled." Tell me about that!

I was talking about that Kia Shine kid. I heard he was talking shit about my brother. He said some shit about shooting a machinegun, but Paul donít need to shoot a machine gun because we got niggaz that shoot it for us. To tell you the truth, I donít like Kia. I think he is sweet and has some feminine ways. He probably gets fucked in the ass!

Are you pretty happy with the album?

Iím happy with it and I canít complain. I had something to prove to myself. Me and my little brother talked a lot and he told me Iím good at it and I shouldnít stop doing it. Everybody always said that I shouldnít let my talent go to waste. The truth is things were really messed up for me. I was suicidal and I tried killing myself. I was depressed and I didnít know where my life was going.

You tried to kill yourself?

I tried to cut my wrists.

How did you get out of that dark place in your life?

My girlfriend helped me out a lot. I guess that is what I needed in my life. I was at Loganís Restaurant and she was a waitress over there. We talked a lot and got a lot of shit off of our chests to each other and she told me I should go back out there and do it. A lot of the fans helped me too. I needed somebody in my life at that time. I was by myself going through depression. I suffer from depression and I wasnít taking no medication or nothing. Actually I tried to commit suicide two or three times. I cut my wrists twice and I over dosed a couple of times too.

Was it with cocaine or what?

It was cane and taking a lot of pills too. I donít mind you putting this in the interview because people need to know about addiction and suicide. If I had killed myself I wouldíve never put out this album. Iím back on my feet now and this is something people need to know.

I know it would be hard to get the old Three 6 back together, but do you think you will ever be in the group again?

I think it could happen but people would have to bring some egos down. I think there is a possibility that me, Paul, and Juicy could work it out. I think Boo has burnt a lot of bridges with Juicy and them, and Koop has been out for so long. I like Koop and me and him have always been cool. Koop is my nigga! I donít know about Crunchy because lately he has been ego trippin. At one point I went to his house but he wasnít being real hospitable with me. I guess since he just came off of a double platinum album he thought he was the shit or something. We were gonna do an album called "The Other Half Of The Six" and we were gonna get Boo and Koop on it but Crunchy was on some big head shit. I just said "Fuck it, Iím gonna do my own shit!" I would still like to get Crunchy, Boo, Koop, and Chat together and do an album though.





A lot of this shit I really havenít thought about in years. This is some good shit you need to put down in the interview.